Whole Person Whole World Guest Speaker: Chris Walker

Chris Walker will kick off the guest talks at the open day event Whole Person Whole World this Saturday at 10am with his talk, ‘Intuition – What is it and how can I develop it?’

Chris Walker

This is a participative workshop that will:

  • Define intuition and put it in context
  • Show how working with intuition can develop the whole person – awareness, path, direction and realisation
  • Explore how to ‘tune in’ to Intuition – signs and signals
  • Provide exercises and discussions to share tools and techniques that explore and develop intuition

About Chris:

Chris Walker is Principal Consultant of People Systems International, set up in 1988 to help organisations and individuals to develop their potential. He is a founder member of Greenhouse, a professional facilitator and specialises in Innovation. He is interested in paradigm shifts and the triggers for change. He enjoys working with trends – how the present reveals the future. He is a long-time student of mindfulness.

Join the Facebook Event for Whole Person Whole World: https://www.facebook.com/events/246741698865010/


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