Volunteers’ Week – the Big Celebration for Tŷ Gwydr Greenhouse

Ahmad Brigolin, Managing Director Tŷ Gwydr Greenhouse Ltd awarded our volunteer Cathy Stubbs who has been volunteering for our company for one year. “We are proud to be part of Volunteers’ Week in the UK and thank all those amazing people who share our idea that the world could be a better place and help us to make Bangor a better place”.


Volunteers’ Week – the Big celebration for volunteering, that takes place every year in June. It began in 1984, almost the same time when Tŷ Gwydr Greenhouse was established. Such a coincidence! We have always welcomed and encouraged people to volunteer because it is a “win-win” situation, where we can help each other to develop and grow.

Cathy Stubbs, volunteer. “You know, I have worked all of my life and when two years ago I lost my job, I felt that I was lost, too.  Tŷ Gwydr Greenhouse gave me an opportunity to come back to a working routine, because if you are looking for a job for too long, you need to do something just to feel that you are still part of the community and that you are still making a positive contribution. Volunteering in Greenhouse as a receptionist, I do feel that I’m doing something useful, while I’m looking for a job”.

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